A Few Words

Initially everyone's thoughts are placed in a box, a box consisting of restrictions, expectations, ideas, perceptions and prejudices.

When someone wants to find new ideas and open up new prospects then he should step out of the box. When you start thinking out of the box, you discover a whole new world out there , a world you had no idea about . A new dynamic world , full of challenges, potential and endless possibilities.

We - timidly - at first , but with determination , stepped out of box , beyond the limits of our usual way of thinking , giving a chance to creative thinking.Every person who wants to follow our steps and try to embrace this new world will find new ways to develop his skills and fulfil his potentials.

All you need is fearlessness.

As far as the professional, creative thinking is concerned , and given the fact that what worked for the older generation no longer works, there are infinite possibilities.

The new technologies and the internet have revolutionised our lives . Contrary to what most people think, we strongly believe that the Web provides a real opportunity for everyone.

Stepping out (escaping) of the box is not only making sense but is the solution we were all looking for.

Besides the wonderful Greek language says it all.

In order to escape "apodraseis" from somewhere you need to act "draseis".The world action (drasis) is contained within the world escape (apo-drasis).

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